Bluebell Model Railway
A model railway, based on Horsted Keynes on the Bluebell in OO scale.

Project PDF's

Here you wi find a number of projects or kits I have built over time which I have written up either to assist myself in remembering how, or to help you who may or may not be struggling with a particular issue with a kit or. You will also find some instructions for the 3D prints we sell on Shapeways.

Check out our YouTube workbench videos more insight in to kit builds and other modelling skills:

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Ratio, SR concrete lights
With my layout coming to the end of it's life, I have added some new lighting to the platforms for its last magazine appearance. Using the very brief write up from Bulleid boy (Barry) who pioneered putting in LEDs to these plastic kits.
I have done my own take on it, and have written it up on this PDF, I hope it may be of use to someone else. 
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Metropolitan E-Class
This project was a build that utilised a RTR chassis of a Hornby M7, and a test to myself that I could use a combination of scratch building, 3D printing, modification ect.. It's always good to check and to test myself that my skills are improving and not standing still.
Plus it's good fun!
You can find the write up in a Write up PDF Metropolitan E-Class
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Golden Arrow - SECR O1
This PDF has been cobbled together from images and text from 2010 covering the build of this resin based kit from Golden Arrow. The kit is quite straight forward with area to improve and add your own detail.
 The kit needs a Hornby 0-6-0T chassis and 16mm tender wheels. You will need to supply your own details such as buffers, door dart, handrails and handrail knobs.
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Captain Baxter
This was probably my first attempt at scratch building and modifying a chassis in one, using a LnY Pug chassis which was made by Dapol / Hornby, and cutting a way the body from the running plate and building a new body from plasicard, and various castings.

You can now buy a 3D print of this loco body to fit the same chassis.
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35027, Port Line conversion
This is where modelling skills really start a simple re-number and re-name, and when your ready you can progress futher and make futher modifications to improve the accuracy or to model a particular period of time.
 This model was 35028 Clan Line, picked up for a good price, I renamed, and renumbered the model, but also modifed a spare tender to recreate the tender it carried in preservation.
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SE-Finecast, W1, Hush-Hush
A model on mybuild list for a while, why? I like unusual prototypes and this one certainly has a striking look to it, featuring a marine style boiler sadly only lasting a few years before it was rebuilt. But I do like the look of this one as it's different.
 This also would be the first time I would try white metal soldering I have watched and read various articles so I am still learning various skills and techniques.
This model will run on a Hornby A3 chassis which was modified.
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LT Pannier (57XX) detailing
 A small weekend detailing project for a little Bachmann pannier tank, etched details for the sanding gear and more etches for the lamp irons on the front end.  Nice and simple and easy to do for any modeller.
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K's Kit Metropolitan A-Class
 A K's kit with the normal K's problems, this model was purchased from a forum having wanted one of these for a while to forfill my London Underground interest.
 Having done a photo survey of the only remaining A-Class at the London Transport museum, and also aquired some original engineering drawings to in sure correctness.
 The kit required more work than first thought, a brand new chassis from Alan Gibson due to the original not aligining properly.
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(K's kit) Ex-LBSC, K-Class
 An attractive loco an EX-LBSC K-Class this was another K's kit sadly the only manufacturer that did produce these, The main job was to finish the model detail it up, and improve where possible, a new motor gearbox was put in to the model as the K's one is a little unrelable.

The model was finished in SR olive green, and the reason for this model, one was going to be preserved by the Bluebell but sadly missed out from being saved.
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SE Finecast 0-4-0T, Class B4
 This rather nice little tank engine used to work in the docks in Southampton, but now preserved at the Bluebell being looked after by the Bulleid society.
 This kit originally came out 2010 when I spotted it at Warley on the SE Finecast stand, and is far superior to the other kits on offer.
The kit was quite straight forward, up to the point of me trying to put in a massive gearbox, motor and flywheel with only 0.2mm of clearence.. Tight!
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Ian Kirk, SR Maunsell Restaurant saloon
 A coach kit quite hard to get, I was lucky to get hold of a pretty beat up kit of a Maunsell Restaurant Saloon, for what ever reason no manufacturer has made a maunsell restaurant car / saloon, so there is a lack of them.
 The sides were removed from the kit and transplanted on to a Hornby body and chassis, the result looks rather good. Paint from Phoenix paints and transfers from Fox transfers.
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The Big Blue Bulleid - 4-8-2
 Built for a forum competition, and something a bit mad came out of it, reading through research for the Bulleid Merchant Navy, there were 2x previous designs which were sadly ruled out by the Southern's cheif engineer. One being a 2-8-2 which someone has already made, and the first a 4-8-2, which no-one has made.
 The build consisted of Dapol plastic kits for the body, RT models details, quite a few Hornby spares, and a 3Dprinted Chassis.
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Finecast, Maunsell Q-Class
 Purchased this white metal kit already pre built, but needed stripping and starting again, more detail to be added, and using some new rivet transfers for the smoke box, which should be interesting.

 Only one Q survives on the Bluebell number 541, currently in BR livery. The tender is an old N-Class tender from a Bachmann tender.
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DJH, U-Class 1618, 2-6-0
 Purchased part built from a well known auction site, and drawing up a list of items needed to finish the kit as well as the parts missing it took a further 3 years to get round to finishing it.
 The kit required all the wheels, missing bits off valve gear, and also the correct tender for 1618 on the Bluebell, it was a challenge to fix and finish especially starting a kit already half complete.
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Weald Kit, LBSC E4
A nice kit purchased from a friend way before Bachmann announced theirs, the model required a good service, and clean up, the chassis was compensated which was a nice surprise, the motor and gearbox were also good,

 The old SR paint job was looking very tired and there was only one thing to do and that was strip it and repaint and for this one I chose the BR early livery its carried in preservation.
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Bachmann GWR Prairie L.150
I purchased the model while in London one day, To be fair I could of probably repainted a standard model and saved a lot of money, but thought I do this as a guide to improve this model as L.150 has a westinghouse pump and various pluming.

 On this build I will show what I am doing and parts used which were Alan Gibson and copper wire, and a bit of black paint.
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Hornby Duke of Gloucester
The Hornby Duke of Gloucester slightly controversial due to detail cut back due to a factory move meant a year of clever design where detail was moulded on, and the same tooling used for the main range and railroad with a slight difference on decoration.
 So I purchased the railroad model to show that for £25 you could make it in to a high detail model or maybe slightly better.
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Dean Sidings Adams Radial
 I required a replacement to my old K's Adams radial and this resin body kit was the answer at the time when there were no RTR models, now we have 2.
 This was one of the more complex kits from Dean Sidings range and I went a bit further in some areas to improve it, the model is quite light but would pull about 4 coaches, it utilises a 14XX chassis.
 The Dean Sidings range is now available from Pheonix / Precision paints
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SE Finecast, U-Class
 This model was in a bad way when it was spotted on eBay, the model was advertised as working but it was't upon arrival, but that was the least of its worries.
 The model had been chopped and changed but the chassis was quite good, the paint work was very poor, but at least it was the right number 1638, the model required servicing, repainting and a new tender.
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SE Finecast SECR, H-Class
This SECR H-class kit was pretty much complete when it arrived with me it did havea simplified version of the SECR livery. I fixed a few areas first on the chassis and rear bogie, but really wanted to get the SECR livery as close as I could get.
 So this little write up is mainly about making my own transfers by photographing the prototype at Sheffield Park at the Bluebell mixed in with some Fox Transfers, and Roxey mouldings etched SECR numbers.
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Ivatt class 2 conversion
 This was a relitively straight forward this conversion so might be good for beginners who want to start off small with a small modification.
 This was Ivatt class 2 conversion to a BR standard 2. The classes were similar in terms of design, and even weight. The running plates, clack valves, and safety valves and a few other small bits required changing take a look, and see.
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BR, H2 Atlantic, Beachy Head
 This project was a bit mad to begin with, I purchased a number of spares to begin with for the body, but the main bit of thhe project was the number of loco spares used to make this model, even using a Hornby GWR castle chassis.
 It may sound a bit mental but it does work and pull very well.
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 Dean Sidings P-Class Kit
 This great little P Class kit was produced by Dean Sidings, Dean Sidings sadly stopped producing kits in 2015, but have been informed by one of our group members that the range has been aquired by Precision paints.
 The body is resin with white metal and brass parts, and fits to a modified Hornby / Dapol chassis, And does turn in to a very nice model.
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LNWR Observation car
 A coach which has been part of Bluebell sets for years, and a coach that I wanted to model for a long time. The chassis was from an old Tri-ang Maunsell coach, and the body built with multiple Ratio LNWR coach kits, which also aided the chassis using the bogies from the kit.

 The coach turned out not to badly, and does look the part.
The coach is now in CAD and is looking to be released in 3 parts.
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Smallbrook studio, LSWR Road Van
 This is a resin kit of the LSWR road van by an Isle of Wight company called Smallbrook Studio, the kit is quite straight forward to build, and finishes quite nicely.

 There is an RTR version commissioned by Kernow by DJM, which is currently in the works at the time of writting.
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Q-Kits, USA Dock tank
At the time no RTR USA tank was available, with the SE Finecast going for well over £200 sometimes £300, I found this Q-Kit, which again wasn't cheap.
The motion and chassis were reasonable complete but didn't have a motor or gearbox, There was a number of parts missing from the kt, which I had fabricated to replace the missing parts.
 It turned out ok and ran quite well, This kit has now been sold on.
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Will's O2 tank rebuild
 One of my first kits I purchased when I came back to railway modelling, I have always been a fan of Isle of Wight railways, using pregrouping rolliing stock and loco's. There is only one of the Ex-LSWR O2 tank engines which survived, Number W24 Calbourne,  the last but 2 locos, the other being W31 Chale.
 I decided to revisit the model and actually bring it up to standard with the other models, so a repaint, relining, and some extra detail. 
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